Here Comes the Anxiety?


Last week I canceled my YouTubeTV account and yesterday was the day it officially ended. I didn’t realize how much I actually watched until I turned it on around noon to catch some football. My first thought was “just reenable it for a month so you can ease off of it” but I know that’s not would happen. I’d have a month left and I’d end up watching the same amount just counting the days until I had to stop cold turkey again and go through this all over again.

I’m not doing that. I’m sticking to it and then in a month I will be in a better place with it all and I won’t have to worry about getting started. I’m also procrastinating calling the cable company and turning off my internet. I’ve adjusted my mobile phone plan to “unlimited” data along with a portable hotspot that I’m going to use at home. My monthly data usage was ~1TB per month. I now have 30gb at LTE speed and then it drops to 640kbps. That’s going to take some time to adjust.

I’ve been struggling with what to write here and I think this is just going to be “in the moment” and documenting as I go. As I mentioned in my first post I haven’t told anyone that I’m doing this and no one knows about that blog. Maybe I’ll tell them at some point or maybe I won’t. Anyway, in the moment it is..

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