Digital Declutter: Goals and A Timeline


Here’s a quick list of goals I have set for myself in this 30 day digital declutter. More may be added later. I’ll write a new post each time I update them.

  • Cut back TV watching to 4-5 hours per week instead of per day.
  • Devote 5-7 hours per week into learning Python so I don’t have to flail so much when I want to use it for something.
  • Get rid of social media apps on my phone
    • Ticking this one off since I literally just removed the last 2 social media apps I had installed. Removed Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Read 2 books
  • Write 2 new articles for the Red Hat Enable Sysadmin blog
  • Clean my house. Like a thorough deep cleaning.
  • Cancel my subscription to YoutubeTV
    • I ended up pausing the subscription until Feb 2020, but I’m not being charged for it.
  • Cancel my home internet connection in favor of an “unlimited” data plan through a portable hotspot.
    • Just waiting for confirmation of my mobile phone plan and then I call Spectrum. I’m actually pretty nervous about this one since I use ~1tb per month with my current ISP.
  • Go hiking 3 times this month.
  • Keep my smartphone screen time down ~3-4 hours a week.
  • Cook something in my instant pot to eat for dinner on weekdays.
  • Fix breakfast in the morning.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal and just have some quiet time to eat breakfast and prepare for the day and not rush out the door.
  • Journal daily about — whatever.

I’m actually really excited about this 30 day digital declutter and I know it’s just the honeymoon phase but I feel like my mental clarity has already improved.

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