Quarantine Day 63


Things have gotten a bit better…I have my grocery shopping routine down as well as the routine for getting my Mom’s groceries but I’m very, very tired of myself. I’m lucky that I do get some interaction with people when I drop off/pick up the dog at daycare but it’s usually less than a minute or so.

I’m tired. Everything is starting to open back up and I really hope I’m wrong but I have a feeling in a month or so we’re going to be right back to where we were when the initial outbreak happened. Mainly because of the re-open idiots that are flooding into businesses as soon as they can. They’re not wearing masks, they’re not social distancing as though it makes them look like a badass or something. No one can be a badass against a virus. No one. There will be a price to pay and I just hope that no one I love has to pay that price.

Fuck 2020.

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